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Healthcare Marketing Solutions

Cross-channel Optimization

Real-Time Lead Generation Platform

Successful lead generation depends on using data effectively and in real time. Are you waiting until enrollment is over to optimize your campaign’s audience, message, timing, and other factors impacting your lead gen?

Our platform lets you optimize your lead generation campaigns in real time. It pulls disparate data from multiple systems into one cloud-based dashboard, allowing you to attribute enrollment back to the specific channels and touchpoints that worked.

Platform for Engagement

Content Platform for Engagement

The way people interact with brands has changed. Consumers have unique communication preferences. And they're no longer hesitant to engage on digital and social channels.

Our communication platform helps you increase customer satisfaction and build trust by offering relevant health and wellness content through customer-preferred channels. We engage audiences through magazines, web content, digital tools, social campaigns and more – breaking out of the “member newsletter” mold.

News and Education

News and Education Solution

The healthcare market is shifting every day and these changes are substantially increasing customer anxiety.

Our news and education solution lets you advocate for the consumer through news alerts, content, and online tools that educate in real time. As consumers gain confidence about the changes ahead, they’ll remember your ability to help them stay informed, and reach out to your brand first.

Loyalty Program

Trigger-Based Loyalty Program

Americans are waiting longer to retire. How do you keep your brand top-of-mind and build trust when your customer is not yet ready to consider Medicare options?

Build a relationship early with a loyalty program that offers discounts and gift cards to local restaurants, retailers, and spas – without any ties to enrollment. So when they’re finally ready to retire, prospects will come to your brand first for Medicare plan information.

Cost Calculator

Real Cost Calculator

Out-of-pocket costs are one of the leading reasons members switch health plans. What if you could help consumers personalize and understand these costs before they choose a plan?

Our tool lets prospects estimate out-of-pocket costs based on others with the same demographics, conditions, and risks. By dissolving the mystery around out-of-pocket costs, you can help your prospects shop confidently while earning their trust in the process.

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